Quote of the Day


There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.

I struggle ever day with controlling my reactions to the many morons I come across in my daily life. One trick that helps is when some loudmouth is getting on your nerves just imagine their head getting bigger and biger and their voice getting higher and higher as if they inhaled helium. And then I imagine them floating away. This makes me smile every time.

I Am Woman

Not your Mother
Not Your Nurse
Not a Salve for your pain

Not A Toy
Not a Trifle
to old for games

I’m a force to be reckoned
I’m a bitter Cold Wind
I’m aRaging Inferno

I am Woman

I’m a Silver tounged Goddess
A Smoldering temptress
An Unsullied ingenue

Both Sinner and Saint
Both Virgin and Harlot
Both Angel and Demon

I am your Best Friend
I am your Worst Nightmare
I am the Harpie
I am the Shrew

I am Woman

Letter to the Enemy


Dear nuisance

I understand that you are hurt, I understand that you are embarrassed, I understand that you want to strike out and hurt me because you think I am the cause of your problems. I can even understand why you play the childish games you play.

But here’s a thought….instead of focusing on trying to hurt me, Why not worry about putting your own life together. You may have pulled the wool over the eyes of your many sheep. However he and I are not fooled, we see you for exactly who and what you are; a woman who is filled to the brim with anger and hurt. You are a very miserable person and you clearly need to work on what it  is about you that drives people away.  I hope from the bottom of my heart that you seek professional help, because clearly prayer is not enough.

I am sure you thought you were causing me pain with your silly little show for Facebook. But the truth is that a real relationship is built on more than how many Facebook likes you get on a picture or putting on a show for friends and family. And you would know that if you had ever been in one… I pity you because you will never know how to just love someone and be loved because you will always be too busy trying to keep up with the Jones.

I know you think that I did all of this just to hurt you, maybe that is why you feel the need to carry on your silly games. However  truth be told you simply weren’t a factor and you never have been for me. I actually looked up to you and respected you back when this all began. I thought you were someone with convictions and moral fortitude but clearly I was mistaken.  I guess it is easier for you to stick your head in the sand and be a coward than to have to take a long hard look at yourself and witness your own hypocrisy…

I just want you to know that as soon this is over….and belive me the end is coming. I hope that you will move on and pick yourself up but judging from your recent actions that is probably a false hope.  I hope that one day the inside matches the outward.

Best Wishes